Kitchen Remodel

Gely and I have been hard at work at updating our 17 year old home (ok, mostly Gely).  As you can tell from previous posts we’ve been doing some major repairs to our HVAC, water heater, appliances, etc. But it was time for us to get started with something we could see every day and […]

Gas Packaged Unit

Our downstairs HVAC stopped working just months after we replaced the upstairs unit.  This time was a ton easier; plug and play.  Power, gas line and ducting; easy-peasy.  Gely, Matthew and I had the old unit out and the new in within 4 hours of the delivery!   Of course saved tons of money.  My […]

HVAC Install

My house is 16 years old and the upstairs AC started to blow rust all over the sinks and beds.  Knowing it’s a hard job I gathered a few quotes from some trusted contractors and found it was going to cost me $5800 – $8200!  I’m a DIY kinda guy and with some quick research, […]

Garage Door Opener – Repair

Another installment of Dan fixes an appliance at home!  For anyone reading this, you must love me, be bored, or love to know how to fix stuff.  🙂  So anyway, the kids tell me the garage door doesn’t work anymore, and I can only assume it was something they did!  🙂  Well, after further investigation […]