When my company offered me a chance to do some work in France I couldn’t pass it up.   As we done in the past, I flew Gely over to meet me after my work was complete.  What a great opportunity to celebrate 20 years together by spending time in Paris! Even though it only […]

San Francisco Trip

My company sent me to San Francisco to relocate one of our new offices. My task was to move the IT equipment (e.g. servers, storage controllers, etc.) We had a great team who worked for several 10-11 hour days including over the weekend to accomplish the task. After things settled down a bit, I flew […]

Fall Family Campout

I haven’t been camping with my Mom since I was living in Baltimore many, many years ago.  So when my Mom said she wanted to go camping I knew it was going to be good times again, and it was. I go camping with the Boy Scouts every month, so packing was routine mostly.  Sure, […]