Gabby Israel Trip

2014 France

2011 Halloween

2011 Bahamas

What a wonderful trip to the Bahamas

Texas Trip 2010

2010 Christmas

National Jamboree 2010

Wow. What a great experience for Austin to attend the 100th Anniversary of Scouting at the National Jamboree.

Snow 2009

We don't get it often, so we do our best to enjoy it when it comes.

Classicals Ceremony 2009

Gely's a tutor in Classical Conversations and this is the ceremony.

Backpacking with Tony and Jake - Year 3

Yet another great backpacking trip. Looking forward to the next one.


2009 Thanksgiving

Here are a few pictures my Dad took of our Thanksgiving celebration. It is always a good time to spend time with family.

2009 Oscar Born

Our first grandson is born.


We took a homeschool field trip to the local hands on science center. It was a great day to learn and spend time with the family.

Hiking on AT with Tony

We did it. This is the 2nd attempt at this trek and it was very cool. We look forward to many more adventures with Tony and Jake.


Gabby took a 6 week pottery class and here is some of her first works.



Lazy 5 Ranch

What a cool place to visit. I'd recommend it to anyone. To be able to feed and touch a giraffe is very cool.

Gabby's Sleepover

Catholic Camporee 2009

This is one of the best trips we make in the troop, and even though it rained most of the time we had a good time.

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