RFMD on the Dollar Menu

From some perspectives, you could say it was my fault for the RFMD stock price.  I started working for the best company I have ever worked for a little over a year ago.  Since then the stock has steadily declined to about a dollar.  With layoffs, a hiring freeze, pay freeze, and a 401k contribution […]

Furnace Repairs

I know some would be bored to tears with this story, but I love to fix things.  Gely calls me one day recently to tell me she and Gabby smell burning marshmallows in the house, and the smell was coming from the furnace vents.  We have a gas fireplace so I know no one was […]

Welcome to our first blog.

Hello All!  Just wanted to welcome you all to our new blog.  I hope to make this site into a family events sites.  You will see stories, photos and videos of the Garmer’s in action.